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Introducing the Suede Clutch, in a rich shade of Tobacco. Meticulously crafted from luxurious velvety suede, we made this one to be your ultimate accessory. With its timeless design and convenient functionality, it seamlessly transitions from a stylish organizer within a larger tote to a chic standalone companion when you require less space. It is the perfect multi-faceted bag for travel.

Dimensions —
· Height: 8.3 in / 21 cm
· Width (top): 12.2 in / 31 cm
· Width (bottom): 10.2 in / 26 cm
· Depth: 2.3 in / 6 cm

Composition —
· Ethically-sourced Italian Suede in Tobacco

Handmade in Italy.

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Use a soft bristle suede brush to remove dirt and dust. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight. If it gets wet, blot gently with a clean, dry cloth and let air dry naturally.

Estimated Ship Date: June 20

Suede Clutch


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Estimated Ship Date: June 20

Not Your Average Bag

A Purchase With a Purpose

Cesta bags are made by hand from start-to-finish. Each basket is hand-crafted of locally sourced, renewable resources, by talented female artisans in Rwanda, Africa — whom we are proud to pay 500-700% times the national average salary of Rwanda. Each piece is finished by hand in Italy with very carefully chosen, sustainable materials, at a luxury atelier.

For centuries, Rwandan weaving has been passed down from mother to daughter as a rite of passage, marking the transition into womanhood. The average Cesta artisan has over 5 dependents and is the primary breadwinner of her family. Her work allows for the family to purchase livestock, fund education and alleviate poverty in rural communities. At Cesta, we believe these talented women are the bright future of Rwanda.

Cesta Collective has made a big impact with small handbags on more than 1,400 women’s lives.

Vanity Fair

Cesta Collective, a new, cult-ish handbag line with a feel-good success story... They're luxe, yet low-key -- not "crunchy". It's just one way Cesta is subverting the many stigmas surrounding sustainable fashion.


Jane Birkin would be jealous.

New York Times

A classic piece you'll have forever.

Co-op Leader & Head Weaver

Meet Niyitegeka Liberte

“I am the primary income provider in my family. Before, I didn’t always know if I could afford food if the crops failed or medicine in the case of emergency. Now, I can comfortably say that I am able to pay for a hospital visit, medical treatment, or additional food if needed. The increased income made it easy for me to get loans, which I used to build my house, invest in land, and purchase livestock. I aspire to have a lasting impact on my family and community by working to lift up others.”


Small Batch Production

When we say limited-edition, we mean it. Each piece in our collection is made entirely by hand from start-to-finish, in very small batches. Because, ubiquity isn't interesting! Only a few of each exist & all are unique in their own way.