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“They’re luxe, yet low-key-not “crunchy”. It’s just one way Cesta is subverting the many stigmas surrounding sustainable fashion.”

"Jane Birkin would be jealous."

“Cesta Collective has made a big impact with small handbags on more than 1,400 women’s lives.”

"Cesta Collective founded their buzzy brand on making a difference."

Cesta is not your ordinary fashion label. Founders Erin Ryder & Courtney Fasciano are building their brand like a community project. The fashion industry vets are working with female artisans in Rwanda to support local economies & focusing on sustainable sourcing for a greener future.

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Good Vibes are in The Bag

Cesta baskets are hand-crafted of locally sourced, renewable resources, by talented female artisans in Rwanda, Africa — whom we are proud to pay 500-700% times the national average salary of Rwanda. Each piece is finished by hand in Italy with very carefully chosen, sustainable materials.

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